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Title: Students of Old
Rating: PG
Characters: Will, James, brief mention of Elizabeth.
Spoliers: none
Summary: James reflects on a student past and a man discovered.
Disclaimer: *cries* Don't make me say it!

A young lad stood at Captain Norrington’s desk his shoulders square and his jaw set.
“Can I help you Mr. Turner?” James addressed the young lad.
“I want you to teach me to fight sir; I want to learn how to handle a sword”
“I believe, Mr. Turner that it can be arranged” he held out his hand and grasped the smaller one in a gentleman’s agreement.

For years James had drilled it in to the lad who slowly began to improve in each fight and transformed into a skilled fencer.
“Keep your shoulders straight, stance a little further apart; you cannot truly appreciate the beauty of a weapon until you have mastered it.”
They parried and slashed honing techniques into perfect rhythm.
“Remember Mr. Turner three hours or more a day it may well save your life or that of another”

And now, James sees a man who so valiantly put his life in danger for a pirate but still a good man, who risked it all to save the woman he loved, whom he never thanked for his sword. Yes he knew, he’d always known.

Turning sharply he ignores Sparrow swimming to his ship and out of his grasp, he ignores the pain of heart broken betrayal she achieved with two words in front of a crowd of many. He sees the young girl, now a woman, in love with another. He focuses on the blade in his hand; it is all he has left.

“Mr. Turner”
“I will accept the consequences of my actions” he hears him reassure Eliz...No it’s Miss Swan now; she is his no longer. Perhaps, he reflects. Perhaps she never was.
The student now, a man steps down shoulders and jaw set like when Norrington agreed to teach him all those years ago. He is ready, ready for imprisonment, for the gallows. Norrington knows he will go gladly the heartfelt determination so newly spoken James can still remember every word.

‘At least my conscience will be clear’

He holds up the blade proudly admiring its swift perfection, its deadly splendor.
“This is a beautiful sword; I’d expect the man who made it to show such care and devotion in every aspect of his life.”

A promise, not a threat; he looks his no longer student in the eye and the recognition dawns.
Turner knows what James is giving up and what he knows what it has cost him and most importantly what he requests.

“Thank you”

The words are small but their meaning is so much greater.
“And Miss. Swan.” A small sad smile graces a proud man’s lips.
“The very best of luck to you both.”
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