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Commodore Norrington Advert

Title: Buy a Commodore Norrington!
Rating: PG13 'cause of 1 swear word
Warning: none
Length: drabble 100/150 words
Sumarry: Buy A Commodore James Norrington!
Thanks to: commodorechick for believing I was funny
Disclaimer: not mine yada yada disney, mouse, ect.

Tired of pirates raiding your home?
Bored of young blacksmiths and Jack Sparrow's commandeering your possessions?
Or need that extra shine in your life?
Then invest in a Commodore Norrington.
This tall handsome brocaded figure will clear your area of miscreants and restore order to your life.
With a removable stick up his arse, white wig and fluffy hat.
Invest now and your Norrington comes with a free sword; gold filigree laid into the handle, perfectly balanced, with a tang nearly full width of the blade.
Keep away from Elizabeth Swan's (whore) and open flames, store in a cool area as Ice Cream tends to melt.
See in store for details.
Tags: potc fanfiction
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