vintage__cherry (vintage__cherry) wrote,

Title: Strategically placed mousetraps (sequel to Wig Pie)
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: James, Jack & mousetraps
Genre: Genuine Crack!
Summary: Rum, Jack Sparrow and strategically placed mousetraps.
Disclaimer: If it was mine, Sparrington would be cannon.
Notes: After requests I gave it a shot. For molassesturtle
Erm….it’s crack it’s not supposed to be sane
Feedback is love; please don't ask me what I was thinking I truly don't know.

A bit off curse.

Sun-soaked skin arches to touches like birds in flight.

A choked hiss.

Grim chuckles fill the dark room, bottles chink as they make contact with wood.

A broken moan.

Drunken fumbling then…..


There’s more than one way to catch a pirate, and there’s more than one way to become a eunuch.

“Ouch. Damn it James, watch where yer puttin’ those things!”

Especially if you’re Captain Jack Sparrow.
Tags: potc fanfiction
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