vintage__cherry (vintage__cherry) wrote,

Title: Stranded...Again (if anyone can think of a better title let me know)
Author: vintage__cherry
Characters: Jack & Norrmander
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack
Summary: Norrmander, Jack and rum.
Disclaimer: Not mine, so there.
Warnings: Part of the Pokemon/PotC X-over Crack!fest

Jack Sparrow was stranded, again.
"Trust Barbossa to come back fom the dead." he muttered "Always was a bloody showoff."
Jack stood up, shaking the sand from his body.
“Wet sand, bloody stuff hates me!” He hissed and went off to find life’s only cure, rum.

The sight that greeted Jack was more terrifying than Aztec cursed undead skeletons.

“No, not good. Not good!”

Norrmander smirked and went to the final barrel.
Jack watched in horror as his precious amber fluid went up in flames.

“Good wedding gift for Lizzie, at least they’d share the same interests.”

Jack sulked for the rest of his time on the island, and wished not for the first time that he had one extra shot.
Tags: potc fanfiction
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