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If I were you I'd turn back now!

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28th August 2007

11:23am: Contact me
Need to talk about something off topic?
Just post a comment here and I'll be sure to get back to you soon.
Thanks a lot

3rd November 2006

6:12pm: Title: (Any Ideas?)
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: Jackichu/Norrmander
Rating: PG-13+
Genre: Crack
Summary: I’m a bad person.
Disclaimer: Not mine, so there.
Warnings: Part of the Pokemon/PotC X-over Crack!fest...slight mention of pokemon sex.
This idea came from order_of_chaos and a challenge she set in flagitiousabuse
Also from pairing prompt one Jackichu/Norrmander

I'm going to burn in hellCollapse )

31st October 2006

6:17pm: Title: Stranded...Again (if anyone can think of a better title let me know)
Author: vintage__cherry
Characters: Jack & Norrmander
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack
Summary: Norrmander, Jack and rum.
Disclaimer: Not mine, so there.
Warnings: Part of the Pokemon/PotC X-over Crack!fest

Stranded...AgainCollapse )
4:25pm: Carve a pumpkin

26th October 2006

5:52pm: Title: Better than a monkey.
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: Norrmander, Jack and The Black Pearl crew (vaguely)
Rating: PG
Genre: Crack
Summary: Tia had assured Jack it would be a better familiar than the monkey.
Disclaimer: Not mine and I'm poor enough so please don't sue.
Warnings: Part of the 'Pokemon/PotC X-over Crack!fest'
Special Thanks: To kayliemalinza for dreaming this up.

Better than a monkeyCollapse )

19th October 2006

6:06pm: Title: Virgin Territory
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: Jack/James Sparrington!
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG
Genre: Humour
Summary: The one thing Jack was a virgin to..not sex!
Disclaimer: Not mine...trust me I 've checked.

Virgin TerritoryCollapse )
Current Mood: cheerful

10th October 2006

4:21pm: Title: Strategically placed mousetraps (sequel to Wig Pie)
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: James, Jack & mousetraps
Genre: Genuine Crack!
Summary: Rum, Jack Sparrow and strategically placed mousetraps.
Disclaimer: If it was mine, Sparrington would be cannon.
Notes: After requests I gave it a shot. For molassesturtle
Erm….it’s crack it’s not supposed to be sane
Feedback is love; please don't ask me what I was thinking I truly don't know.

Strategically placed mousetrapsCollapse )

8th October 2006

6:57pm: Title: Wig Pie
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: James, Jack, Sophie
Genre: Wig abuse, pie fic, crack!
Summary: Oh Sophie, can you ever forgive me?
Disclaimer: If it was mine, Sparrington would be cannon.
Notes: Written with my comments and cassiopaya’s reply to her Slippery When Wet in mind.
Feedback is love, please don't ask me what I was thinking I truly don't know.

Wig PieCollapse )
3:57pm: Title: Retrieving
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: James Norrington / Jack Sparrow mild.
Word Count: 100
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drabble
Summary: Jack steals something James takes it back.
Disclaimer: don't own them I only borrow once and a while.
Spoilers: DMC ?
Warnings: non
Special Thanks: To the mods for putting extra time!
1st posted to piratechallenge

RetrievingCollapse )

28th September 2006

6:05pm: As many of you can no doubt guess, the PotC 1/2 AdvertMuse is dead and no he is not pining, my most sincere appologies to commodoreschick, I tried.

*inserts monty python quotes with..tiny alterations*

'E's not pinin'!
'E's passed on!
This AdvertMuse is no more!
He has ceased to be!
'E's expired and gone to meet 'is maker!
'E's a stiff!
Bereft of life,'e rests in peace!
If you hadn't nailed 'im to the LiveJournal posts 'e'd be pushing up the daisies!
'Is advert processes are now 'istory!
'E's off the twig!
'E's kicked the bucket,
'e's shuffled off 'is mortal coil,
run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!!

14th September 2006

6:04pm: This video made me hungry for pankakes!

7th September 2006

11:12pm: Title: A promise
Pairing/Characters:Ja....all right, all right...Captain Jack Sparrow
Word Count:452
Rating: pg-13
Summary: Jack stranded on that godforsaken spit of land the first time and his promise to the pearl.
Disclaimer: Don't own it The Mouse does.
Spoilers: none
Warnings: mild swearing english swearing so it's not that bad.
notes: feedback is love even if you thought it was poorly written I'd like to know.
Written for:piratechallenge
A PromiseCollapse )

2nd September 2006

11:42pm: favorites at the moment still searching for others I rec all these they make my day.

House - Basket Case

Hugh Laurie the Human Punching Bag

House - I get knocked down

Pirates of the Caribbean - I get knocked down

House - If I were gay

Stephen Lynch - If I were gay music vid

Pirates of the Caribbean- Falling

Pirates of the Caribbean - Trouble

Accidentally in love

Kagura & Kyo 'She fucking hates me'

Die Another Day - Fruits Basket

Witch doctor fruits basket

Kyo's Curse 'bang bang'

KyoxTohru Listen to your heart'

Fruits Basket - Poison'

Fruits Basket - Life's gonna suck

Fruits Basket- fruity

What do teachers make?!
1:21am: Title: Of blood, war and betrayal.
Characters: James Norrington slight mention of Elizabeth Swann.
Word Count: 222
Rating: PG
Genre: Erm…I have no idea.
Summary: James’ first scar and what it will lead to.
Disclaimer: Own nothing, wish I could characters belong to the mouse…unfortunately.
Spoilers: None unless you haven’t seen Curse of the Black Pearl
Warnings: none
Notes: none
Special Thanks: to elvensorceress for putting up with my whining.Written ages ago for piratechallenge

Of Blood, War and BetrayalCollapse )

10th August 2006

2:00pm: Title:Young Elizabeth
Rating: G
Summary: Buy a young Elizabeth Swann

Young ElizabethCollapse )
1:52pm: Title: Will Turner
Rating: G
Summary: Buy a Will Turner
For:commodoreschick and on special request for kathyweezely

Will TurnerCollapse )

9th August 2006

11:58am: Title: Cutler Beckett
Rating: G
Summary: Buy a Cutler Beckett
For commodoreschick hope you're happy!
Cutler BeckettCollapse )

8th August 2006

9:58pm: Title: Elizabeth Swann
Sumarry: Buy an Elizabeth Swann
Disclaimer: If I owned it I'd sue you all!
For: commodoreschick I hope you're happy!

Elizabeth SwannCollapse )
9:45pm: Title: Jack Sparrow
Rating: G
Sumarry: Buy a Jack Sparrow
Disclaimer: If I owned it I'd sue you all!
For: commodoreschick

Captain Jack..oh forget itCollapse )
6:34pm: Title: Scruffington Advert
Author: vintage__cherry
Rating: G
Summary: The new and improved Norrington
Requested by blue_fears12 and random_fat_bird

Scruffington AdvertCollapse )
10:27am: Mercer Advert
Title: Buy a Mercer!
Rating: PG
Warning: none
Length: drabble 30/40 words sorry very short
Sumarry: Buy A Mercer.
Thanks to: commodoreschick for believing I was funny
Disclaimer: black ears, tail and a liking for cheese? Nope not me.
Buy a MercerCollapse )
10:21am: Commodore Norrington Advert
Title: Buy a Commodore Norrington!
Rating: PG13 'cause of 1 swear word
Warning: none
Length: drabble 100/150 words
Sumarry: Buy A Commodore James Norrington!
Thanks to: commodorechick for believing I was funny
Disclaimer: not mine yada yada disney, mouse, ect.

A Commodore Norrington AdvertCollapse )

5th August 2006

2:04pm: Toothache Challenge
Title: Cure
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing: J/N
Rating: pg-13
Warnings: erm..implications of sexual intercourse?
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Do I have black ears and eat cheese? Then it’s not mine…*looks up and touches head* at least I don’t think I do.
Summary: Jack has toothache James has a cure.
written for pirate4evrnavy2 hope you feel better soon honey.

CureCollapse )
2:09am: Title: A Challenge

Author: vintage__cherry

Pairing/Characters: Jack/James implied

Word Count: 121

Rating: PG

Genre: Humor

Summary: This is what my twisted little mind comes up with at 01.47 in the morning.

Disclaimer:Not mine I only comandeer the for a little while.

Spoilers: none that I know of but could be set in time of DMC

Warnings: It was written at 1 in the morning you tell me.

Notes: …musical?

Special Thanks: To spikedlove for making me think about gods which started this whole damn thing off!

A ChallengeCollapse )
1:52am: Title: Students of Old
Rating: PG
Characters: Will, James, brief mention of Elizabeth.
Spoliers: none
Summary: James reflects on a student past and a man discovered.
Disclaimer: *cries* Don't make me say it!

Students of OldCollapse )
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