vintage__cherry (vintage__cherry) wrote,

Title: Elizabeth Swann
Sumarry: Buy an Elizabeth Swann
Disclaimer: If I owned it I'd sue you all!
For: commodoreschick I hope you're happy!

Wish to cross-dress?
Need a lesson in pouting or deseption?
Want to break your fiance's heart in front of a large crowd?
Then buy an Elizabeth Swann.
No other model will be able (or willing) to burn the rum, dress like a boy and act like a whore.
With shiny aztec gold(optional) and inhanced screaming abilities your Elizabeth Swann will be able to flirt, flaunt and fake her way into bieng a valuable member of your home.
So don't delay buy today!
Hide the rum before perchase and beware of betrayal by kissing.
Tags: potc fanfiction
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