vintage__cherry (vintage__cherry) wrote,

Title: (Any Ideas?)
Author: vintage__cherry
Pairing/Characters: Jackichu/Norrmander
Rating: PG-13+
Genre: Crack
Summary: I’m a bad person.
Disclaimer: Not mine, so there.
Warnings: Part of the Pokemon/PotC X-over Crack!fest...slight mention of pokemon sex.
This idea came from order_of_chaos and a challenge she set in flagitiousabuse
Also from pairing prompt one Jackichu/Norrmander

Jack sauntered down the alley, stopping only to reintroduce himself to a near by whore.
The pirate’s head jingled as his head swung round from the force of the blow.
Satisfied with her revenge and Jack’s pain, the whore flounced off.
“I definitely didn’t deserve that”
Jack continued down the alley and stopped again, hearing harsh growls, gasps and mewls.

Jack peered round the end of the alley corner and saw what looked like two rutting cats in strange costumes.
…no, cats weren’t orange and yellow.

The smaller yellow animal thrust forwards, electricity crackling in the air around them.
The orange creature braced itself against the wall, eyes closed and pushed back to meet each plunge into him.

“Mary mother o’ god” he stumbled back from the corner, falling flat on his rear.

He scrambled to his feet, risking one last look at the unlikely couple.

That day Captain Jack Sparrow promised to never touch rum again, at least for the rest of the night.
Tags: potc fanfiction
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